Why do I have such bad luck with girls?

I don't get it. I've got a great job without a college degree. 25yrs old. 50k/yr I am/was a competitive bodybuilder. Still go to then gym several times a week but haven't competed in a year and a half. Picking up a 2nd job soon. Drive a nice truck. In the process of buying a house. Have a great family and great friends. 1 half sleeve. Working on the other one. I've came a long way. A few years ago when I was 18-21 years old I was totally broke, unemployed, mooching off my grandparents, very scrawny and strung out on pills. But that's a long story. My life is going incredibly great now. Except that girls don't like me for some reason. I've been trying to figure out what those reasons might be and it could be a few things. I still deal with anxiety which causes me doubt myself sometimes Sometimes I come across as douchey or arrogant My confidence fluctuates with my moood (probably has to do with anxiety) I'm short. (5'9") I'm white. Receding hairline runs in my family and that's already started happing so I keep my head buzzed. So I don't know Here's my instagram: instagram. com/molonlabexiii Like I see the guys these girls date and it just blows my mind... I'm not perfect at all but come on wtf
Why do I have such bad luck with girls?
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