I have no Identity?

I don't have any skills and am not super good at anything.

I don't have a job title, I didn't go to school so it's hard to describe myself.

For example my friend went to school, she has a bachelor's in science, she can play the piano, read music, she loves to bake and make arts and crafts, she sometimes mentors young kids, and now she is a manager of her lab at work. She has and loves pets, she's cultured, I guess I could go on about her...

Look how much can be said about her, I can't think of a single thing to say about myself. I do like working out, but I'm no where near being fit or a body builder. I work as a millwright level one, but I suck at my job and hate it.

I just wish I had some sort of identity or hobbies I loved that I was good at.

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I have no Identity?
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