Would you date me?

i saw this a few minutes back from a girl, and honestly... such a gr8 idea xD KEDJSVK i had to steal it ;o; hopefully she doesn't mind <3
> funny
> cute voice (i was told, lul)
> nice appearance
> loyal af
> can listen to you ramble and fire a conversation out of your interests (even though i may not know too much about them or even dislike them, if i love you i'll be interested in learning)
> i am anti-drama and very straight-foward
> never hide stuff. i feel, i say. i will never keep you guessing.
> i like to try new and weird stuff out. the less routine i have, the better.
DEFECTS (from fabric -nu-)
> sometimes i'm cold af and want to be alone for a few days. it isn't your fault, it's just that i need this for a healthy mindset.
> i look too young for my age
> i'm fired up at fights. i'll listen to your opinions, but i'll have mine too and i'll be sure to lay down. for me, in the end, the reason wins.
> i think way too much and am not too social. i won't make bad faces at your friends, but if i'm feeling anxious i will just smile and try to talk once in a while xD but talking to strangers is usually hard -qq
> i may listen to you, but i want you to listen to me to. i have a big variety of interests, and if i feel like i'm talking to a wall it wouldn't be very nice.
> i'm not keen at remembering stuff like dates. i rather focus on your personality and likings and little things about chu. but i will get sad if you forget a important date ~ironic~ ~oh god~
dat's it ^=^ i could put more, but let's keep it at that. go on KWJDSKVJ don't be too mean.
Would you date me?
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