How do I go about this?

Okay so I know probably 9/10 guys ask this but since this is a specific case I decided to ask it. So the situation is that I'm 20 years old and feel as if I'm at a point in my life where I am almost afraid of emotional commitment and a "traditional relationship" because I've realised that commitment in a romantic relationship makes me clingy. So the conclusion I could come to is that I only miss sex from relationships. So, I have this friend that's a girl and we have been talking a lot the last week or so. Before becoming friends (2 years ago) we went on a couple dates but we abandoned the idea of going out with each other. Last night, we confessed to each other that we both only want sex from a relationship but we haven't found the right person for that sort of arrangement and that we've both considered each other as a possibility for this. What should I do next? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long text.
How do I go about this?
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