Should I try now?

my former boyfriend waited one year and a half for me. he said he loved me and i didn't love him back, he stood there, as my friend, and waited and waited. eventually, i fell for him and we dated happily for 2 years. eventually, some problems arose, mainly caused by me. he broke up, because he said he didn't feel passion anymore. i know that if he gave me another chance, i would make everything work and make him fall in love with me again (he said it himself) but he doesn't want to give me another chance because he feels like our problems wouldn't be solved and we would go back to feel unhappy together. i still love him so i wonder if i should do as he did, stay and wait, hoping he will fall for me again as i did?
+1 y
he seems fine now (after we broke up) but i am not and i feel like i would make everything better (for him and for me) if i could get back
Should I try now?
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