Staring into each other's eyes?

So, one of my friends I have a crush on was playing his guitar in class towards the end of the school year. I'm sitting at my desk, and he is sitting on the floor in front of me, playing a soft song. No one is really paying attention to him but me at this point, and I feel kind of awkward watching him play (I'm a bit of an introvert at times). He had looked at me randomly from time to time, but usually kept his focus on his guitar. Then, in the middle of this soft song he was singing quietly, our eye contact became more frequent. For about five seconds, he just strummed his guitar while staring into my eyes. After those five seconds, I looked away, blushing, because I was shy and embarrassed. I took a quick glance back at him to see that he was still looking at me, we immediately locked eyes again for a brief two seconds or so. Is this an indicator that he likes me?
Staring into each other's eyes?
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