My parents separated us, what should I do?

I was dating a guy, this guy adored me so much we loved each other in an amazing way, it was my first time to date and it was his second (I'm 13 and He's 16) I didn't tell my parents because our traditions and religion is different, and they won't accept this, as I knew him from a prank call (his friend turned out to be my best friend, it was a huge coincidence) and after 6 months of our dating, my parents figured out, and I was badly punished , my privileges were taken away, my phone , my iPad, I was also bitten, and I was also punished from school for some time, this was like 2 months ago, during the 2 months, he was asking about me everyday from my friends, and he was depressed for some time even, and he's travelling after tomorrow because he said he's bored from life and he needs a vacation, now my problem is that my parents separated us, I don't think there is a way in which my parents can even approve to talk to him, they decline the idea itself, we love each other so much, and I don't think something would return us back together except if something unplanned happened.
My parents separated us, what should I do?
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