Dating with Autism?

I'm 17 and studying at college and I'm on the Autism spectrum and in the past 6 months I've taken an interest in finding myself a girlfriend, around February it was going ok and I got with someone who I really liked but that all went down hill unfortunately. Right now I am talking to another girl and we've met up from college for most of the day but I'm worried about how it's going as in text messages she isn't awfully talkative but in person she's pretty easy to talk to, I was wondering if this is normal in some girls because Im worried that she's losing interest in me. If that is the case I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me talking to someone new because one thing that holds me back is how limited my interests are, all I really do is play Xbox and go shooting and I'm worried I seem boring to a girl, if anyone has any advice for me either with my current girlfriend or any advice for talking to someone new if my current relationship doesn't work I'd love to hear it, cheers!
Dating with Autism?
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