When to kiss her?

I've been dating this girl for almost a month. We have only gone on a couple dates. I want to kiss her but am afraid that I could freak her out by doing this too soon. She is pretty shy especially in terms of relationships. I am her first boyfriend and she is also my first girlfriend. I want to kiss her, but am nervous I could mess things up by doing it too soon. I need some advice on when it would be okay to do so.


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  • I say KISS HER. My boyfriend and I have also been dating for a month now and yet he hasn't kissed me. He knows that he's my first boyfriend and that I'm a shy person so maybe he's also afraid of messing things up, as you say. The thing is, I sooo wish that he would kiss me already. Trust me, this girlfriend of yours will not freak out if you kiss her. She's probably just waiting for you to make the first move. A shy girl doesn't want (or doesn't have the guts) to initiate the first kiss with her boyfriend, especially her first boyfriend.

    I've also posted up a quite similar question. Won't you check it out and maybe give me some feedback on what you think? It's posted under 'DATING' for under 18 and it's title is 'SHOULD I KISS HIM FIRST?'. Thanks.

    • One of the reasons I'm so hesitant is that she is not the most decisive on her emotions, making it hard for me to know if I should show affection in a more overt way rather than not. Does that make sense?

  • Just kiss her already!

    what are you waiting for?

    just make the first move, you won't freak her out if she likes you.

    and you said it yourself that she is shy, so hasn't occured to you that maybe she is shy to make the first move. Just do it!

    • Thanks, but I am still nervous because I've noticed she sometimes feels uncomfortable with displays of affection. However she has been ok with hugging, even asking if I wanted to once (to which of course I said yes). So I just feel really nervous about blowing it because I moved too fast for her.

    • I understand, just kiss her when your ready.

      but don't wait to long its been a month already.

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