Does it sound like he's cheating on me?

My boyfriend had his phone up while he went into the bathroom so of course being nosy me I decided to just go on it. I was on his snapchat and I saw some girl named "Sammie" messaging him (I never heard of this girl before and we pretty much know everyone's friends so I found it really odd). She also had a story of half nude slutty pictures. But whatever I just let it be. Then later he got a message from her again (it showed up on his screen) he quickly exited out of the notification. I asked him who that was and he was like oh one of my buddies. It's just sketchy. I don't want to bring it up yet because I'm not sure if I'm over-reacting or not. What's your input?
Bring it up to him
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Does it sound like he's cheating on me?
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