Will he text / call? (story inside)

Okay so I've been seeing this guy for a couple of weeks, he SAYS he likes me and I think I'm starting to really like him (we've had sex already.) The other night I was at his house and it was getting late, he had fallen asleep and I felt bad waking him and asking for a lift home. I called my dad, who went OFF at me, yelling at me through the phone and calling him a c*** and me a slut, the guy woke up he was yelling so loud.

He called me the next day to see 'how I went with my dad' and that 'he seems to really hate me(him).' I said he doesn't, he's just behind an idiot. He asked me to hang out, I said I better not just in case, so we kept talking on the phone and he rang me to say goodnight.

The day after that he rang again, and asked if I wanted to hang out, I said I really want to but can't cos I have a bug (which I do) and he said he was busy the next two nights and that he would call me during the week.

I texted him once and he didn't reply, and he hasn't called me either.

I'm used to hearing from him every day so it's strange to me that he hasn't called. What should I do?

I mean... I wonder if my dad scared him off or something also


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  • Discuss the issue with your dad. Let him know how you feel about the guy and try to reassure him either by calling or texting that you have resolved the issue with your dad. You could also invite him over for lunch or dinner with your dad. He would come around sooner or later.

  • Give it some time. It may really be nothing. He might just call you soon.


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