Am I cheating on him?

I'm currently dating my best friend, we're on long distance relationship for like a year and a half now. I was talking in a group chat, inviting someone to watch a movies with me until my ex private chat me that he wants to go out with me as my boyfriend substitute.

When we were talking he was saying that he have a girlfriend, and I was like "You can't go with me i'm sorry.", because I don't want to be like the clingy ex. I ask him if he want to, he can bring his girlfriend and turns out he's only joking.

I talked to my boyfriend bout hanging out with my ex and he's okay with it. Until when we're still at the mall, he suddenly texted me that he was upset that I actually hang out with my ex, lol. I was like so frustrated that my ex can see it, and he was like: "We're just friend, he shouldn't act like a baby." and badmouthing my boyfriend the whole time. I told him to shut up and we parted ways. When we were eating he wants me to talk about my boyfriend and when I did, he's like: "You should break up with him." and the reason is "He doesn't love you, why would you go out with someone who doesn't love you." and when I answered him. "He did, if he didn't. He wouldn't be so angry about me going out with you." And his reply was: "Maybe he's a psycho."

I explained to my boyfriend that we're just hanging out and he accepted it, because I always allowed him to hang out with his friends, doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl. But I feel so bad because I hang out with someone who is NOT HIM, and I feel like a cheater. I never hang out with someone who's not my boyfriend. :'(

The reason why is, I really wanted to watch the movie and this week is the last time they played it and all of my friends is either already watch it and doesn't want to, I can't go out alone by myself because there's a lot of rumors about kidnapping girl and stuff so my family doesn't want me to go to the mall alone.
Am I cheating on him?
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