What does this really mean? Advice?

So after a really good & fun 1st date (her words) last Fri, which was suppose to lead to a date tomorrow. This woman says: "I want to be honest, i've been thinking about us going to dinner, I'm not sure if i'm excited to be going. I had a great time on our date & i like spending time with you but for some reason, i don't feel as attracted to you as I should be. Somewhere on my end the feeling isn't there. I would love to be friend if you would too? I really did take time to think about this to make sure it wasn't me pushing you away". She claims she's not blowing me off as just being friends either, she doesn't know but the spark isn't there (after 1 date).
I'm confused b/c we made out (alot), flirted, she gave me compliments on my looks. Even when i walked her to her door, she contemplated letting me come in but instead we made out more & i went home. She even said she was attracted to me. I think the spark was def there. This week, she said she was looking fwd to going out Thur. So why is she acting like this now?
I don't reply back since this stuff happens to me more often than i want (getting friendzoned, etc). But i'm sick of not fighting ¬ being persistent with women who say this. lol. So i replied back to her saying she may be overthinking our next date. Let's still go out, have fun, see what happens, get to know each other more. She said she liked my persistence but it was kind of a turn off (never said why it was). She said it was "too fast & she knows how she feels". So I am super confused by what i did wrong on this date through this week. I explained how good communication & that spark some times can't be created on the 1st date sometimes & she should take a chance & get to know me. So she said we can go out this Fri as friends.
What should I expect or say? Should I go out with her? Could she only be looking for sex & I misread the signs (she did pull me closer when kissing) or a friends with benefits thing? How do i act now?

What does this really mean? Advice?
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