Post-first date. Is he just not that into me?

So had an awesome first date.
We really hit it off. We didn't text much before the date but we seemed to really click on the date, kissed a few times and made each other laugh.

He text me saying 'thanks for a nice evening' that night and asked how my day was the next day.. I replied saying I'd like to see him again and asked how his day was.. and then nothing.

So he has a job that keeps him busy.. But no response last night or anything.

My question is.. He didn't text me much before the meeting but i think we hit it off.
So is this normal if he likes me?
In my experience this is 'hes just not that into you'.

Is it too soon to write this guy off as 'he's not that bothered'...

I know the rules of mirroring his actions etc So I'm not going to text him if he hasn't answered. . but thoughts on what he might be thinking.. ?

I'm thinking he's dating others.. weeding out the weak etc.. Then he'll probably want to see me again...

thoughts guys?
Post-first date. Is he just not that into me?
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