Feminism on decline? Do you support feminism?

Feminism on decline? Do you support feminism?

I was talking to a girl, she was a hardcore feminist and now she said that feminism is now on a downfall since women have been cheated a lot by dudes and then left them for a more pure (virgin) woman to marry.

Women were unleashing the beast and having sex casually thinking they are competing with men.

In fact it helped men because they got so many pussies

But the male mindset had still not changed.

Alof of men judge a woman and who needs to buy a cow when they can get milk for fee?

Why marry a woman when you can have as much sex as you want for free?

All of my male friends, some of them are hardcore players, they said that they want to marry a pure (virgin) woman or a woman who didn't have a slutty past, and the women they had casual sex with, were just another notch in their bedpost and nothing more.

Mind you - women who were sleeping with these guys were thinking of marriage and stuff but these guys were just having sex with them.

Sex for Male and Female are different.
Male can have sex with you for 1 night and still not get attached.

Females release oxytocin during sex (orgasms), oxytocin is the same hormone that creates a strong bond between a mother and a child.

The more partners a man has as one night stands doesn't affect his ability to remain monogamous in future.
However, with females, for every new partner they have, there is a 7 % chance that she will be unfaithful to every new guy. (you can google it)

Now the jaded feminine woman goes on a sex rampage to forget this guy who dumped her which fucks her mind even more (remember the oxytocin thing released during sex).

Now, the jaded feminine woman has lost ability to bond to anyone, find a long term partner and have even more hate towards men.

But this jaded woman will never forget the player guy who pumped and dumped her and played with her emotions during her entire life.

She will constantly ask- what did I achieve by feminism?

Think about feminism again guys. Its ruining our society.
Feminism is decline for sure, a lot of feminist women have been left jaded to realise feminism is bullshit.
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Feminism is not on decline, its increasing day by day.
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I support feminism, but not on sexual equality. Since sex for men and women is totally different as suggested by you in post.
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I support feminist, men and women are equal in every department including sex.
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Feminism on decline? Do you support feminism?
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