Girls, Girls what do you make of this short statement?

Ok so over a long period of time say 10+ years, I have not actually put my self out there like in the way of hey girls look at me. I am a bit more reserved than that but I do make an effort to look good, but I'm not vain.

I am confused as to why no woman has ever approached me or spoke to me or even give me the I want to talk to you, or come over here. It almost feel like they avoid me, hopefully that's me being paranoid. I have mostly tried everything my self to the point of being board, through constantly trying. I have the impression I am not dateable despite, being told I am fit and handsome and healthy.

So I say to my self why then are women not interested, I have a fantastic personality, outgoing, humorous, pleasant, good to talk to and a good listener. All this of course I have been told, these are not my opinions, they are just random people who know of me or actually know me.

So I feel pretty daft having to type this on a web site to ask people who don't even know me, but I have to think positive that someone may just have an answer I can work with. Plus I haven't actually asked any girls that I don't know, so this is were people on this site come in.

If you need to ask me any details to analyse your opinion of me further I would be happy to answer them.

Thank you for looking
Girls, Girls what do you make of this short statement?
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