Would you ever date a shy person?

Hey everyone! :)

So I am really a shy girl and reserved especially in big groups and I just want to know if you guys are okay with dating someone like that?
I heard some guys are turned off by it especially extroverts. *sighs* (its usually them I get crushes on) but really its not like shy people never talk and isn't confident in other matters. I also don't have any problem in friendships as I can easily talk to anyone as long as I feel comfortable with them. But what Im worried about is when it comes to dating..
I never had a boyfriend nor does anyone tries to actually date or flirt with me (except those strangers that hits on you and online creeps). People would also compliment in my appearance and would catch guys/schoolmates stare but why is that no one actually approaches and make a move? I'll admit it does affect my self-esteem sometimes, seeing my friends get dates and Im just here eating by myself wondering what is wrong with me, is it because of my personality, is my shyness a turn off? or maybe its bc Im just really actually ugly. :(

What do you guys think? Please share your thoughts, and pls be honest. Thanks a lot!! <3
Would you ever date a shy person?
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