What do you think of my cheap date?

So I met a guy who approached me on POF. We talked for few days via POF and then set up a date at a Starbucks not far from my house. My best friend dropped me off and then went in bit later, just to make sure my date isn't crazy or anything. So as we are both sitting and waiting I get a text from my date saying he is running bit late as he could not leave an office meeting and is now stuck in traffic a bit, so he will be 10 min late. This pissed me off a bit, but it's okay I understand. I live close by so for me getting to the meeting point was not a problem. 10 min pass and he arrives, parks his red alfa romeo (some 4 door sedan model) in front of the Starbucks and walks in.

I'm thinking to myself, wow. I did not know this guy is loaded. So we talked for a bit, he bought me few drinks and few pastries and then he took me for a ride. We ended up going to a mall near by, walked for a bit and then went for some dinner. Everything was going superb until the bill, so this ass decided to split the bill. Um, okay. Isn't it common for who ever invites to pay for the date? Sure the bill was $45 per person, but still.

So dear GAG members have you ever been on a date where someone was so cheap as to pay for Starbucks but decided to split the bill and not pay $45 for his date?

PS. Never talked to him again.
What do you think of my cheap date?
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