I feel numb. What do I do?

So everything was perfect, my boyfriend popped out to get something late evening and asked if he could take my phone as he had no minutes on his, of course I said yes this is never a problem. He came back very angry and began packing his stuff and I was asking him what's wrong but he was so angry he couldn't speak properly- just telling me we're done and calling me some names. I look at my phone and he had called some blocked numbers, I called them back because these are from before we was even together so I didn't even know who they was, but one of them was a club promotor which was completely innocent and I had blocked because we hadn't turned up to his event and the other was from a random guys number I had blocked to avoid the constant texts, again from before we was together. More to the point is he's gone, with everything he owns, I've tried calling him all morning like a pathetic little puppy dog and he is adamant he doesn't want to hear from me. My heart and I are completely broken, I've done nothing wrong at all, always been faithful and I'm so madly in love with him. I don't think I want To live without him.
I feel numb. What do I do?
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