I don't know what to do about this guy, please help?

I stared seeing this guy about a month ago. We have almost nothing in common. Our conversations are kinda superficial and not really interesting. There's often awkward silence and tension between us. I try to act calm but in fact I'm really shy around him and it's hard for me to speak my mind. I can't act around him the way I'm with my friends. I would like to talk about some deep topics but he's just not that kind of person. And he's rather serious then goofy. BUT! I am insanely attracted to him. I want to kiss him all night long. I want to make out with him and stare at him. I feel like nothing matters as long as we're intimate. Sometimes I'd rather just make out all night then share a single word. It would be great if we wouldn't talk at all. I feel butterflies when we kiss and touch. We didn't have sex yet but I have a feeling it would be great. Do I keep seeing him? Give it more time? Do you think this could develop in something more then lust?
I don't know what to do about this guy, please help?
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