Panicking that I'll never get a girlfriend/wife?

Society pressures people to get in a relationship and/or get married. I'm 20 and in college. I'm motivated to get a car, travel, and I'm majoring in business and thinking of minoring in communication arts. I play piano and enjoy playing/watching sports. However I'm short (5'6), average looking, and shy. Since women hate that I'm screwed. After college dating gets hard because you need to have money, cars, your own place, looks, tall, and loud so I feel like I'll have a hard time even if I get money, car, & my place because I'm shy and short. Since society makes relationships/marriage the #1 thing in life and everyone is in a relationship I feel like the only person in the world without a girlfriend which is making me panic. I suck at talking to women because women expect too much from men. Should I panic about not getting a woman?
Panicking that I'll never get a girlfriend/wife?
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