Should I send this to my bf?

I was thinking about us and I wrote my thoughts down haha.. do you think I should send them to him or it'll be weird and cheesy? he really makes me feel this way

Isn't it so fascinating how a heart can expand to fit in a whole universe? It's so spacious and I've never known it can contain so much feelings for someone. I'm talking about you ofc. you have ur own life and I have my own life and suddenly my life is entangled to your life. The universe we live in doesn't matter cuz i have my own universe and that's you. And even if someone offers me to rule the world I would say no, cuz u're enough for me. Simplest things like just touching your hair or being able to feel ur scent or seeing u smile mean everything to me... so yeah, I guess love is really beautiful haha. And I'm so blessed.
Sorry I'm just thinking out loud 😂

Should I send this to my bf?
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