Guys: do you like getting kissed on the cheek?

Say you have a girl as a friend, you're not dating, don't intend to,. Maybe you've known each other for a little bit- nothing too out of the ordinary.

How would you feel if she gave you a kiss on the cheek? Like say you were having a bad day, she gave you a hug and a kiss on the cheek and told you to feel better?


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  • I think that's good. It lets him know you care about him and that you are available as a shoulder to lean on, although he won't cry on it, hopefully. Make sure he knows your not interested in more though, as a kiss on the cheek may lead him to believe that you're being flirtatious with him. Make sure you are there for the follow up though, ask him how he is the next day or two later.

    Overall, that's very cute and you sound like a very nice friend, good luck to you and to him, hope he feels better soon.


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  • I guess a kiss on the cheek would be fine, but I'd like it better if she was also giving me the reach around while she's kissing my cheeks.

  • Which ones we talking about? hehehehe...


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