Why would you still keep and use online dating assets?

I noticed a rather interesting trend with each year as online dating becomes a still relatively fast growing thing. Believe me, if I had the desire and sufficient time I would build my own online dating platform as there is sufficient money in it, and sadly us "Man" are willing to pay for stupid crap like "Stickers and Priority Messages". But as fellow "Man" I'm not that evil and really it's bit to much of a bother to maintain a multi user platform (from experience).

Anyways back to actual question. I noticed many girls on online dating sites updating their statuses to "I'm Married now" or "Not looking anymore, married now". What strikes me is that they would still pop online once in a while before they updated their Statuses and at times after getting "Married". This is something I can't understand. If you're in a relationship or Married why do you still use online dating assets? You have someone and it's still working so why?

Can someone explain this paradox, because I try to apply my own logic and in the end the answer I come to is "They aren't actually sure in their relationship, and refer to online dating assets for a) attention, b) possible hookups, c) backup plan"
Why would you still keep and use online dating assets?
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