Hygienic problems between my boyfriend and I?

Honestly... I don't shower everyday and that grosses my boyfriend out to the point he's considering breaking up with me. Apparently, filth and laziness attribute greatly in deal breakers. I didn't think it was such a big deal until I googled it and saw a bunch of angry posts about the same thing. BUT - what's beyond me, is his own hygienic problems? Or well, I find it disgusting the same way he finds me disgusting (by not showering everyday). I don't understand why he has such big expectations for me when he's gross too? After done peeing, he BARELY washes his hands!!! I have to constantly remind him by asking if he did, which he then gives me a sheepish smile to saunter back into the bathroom to clean his hands. Secondly, he's not consistent with brushing his teeth and he gets sad when I leave him in bed to clean myself up before bed. Thirdly, he sweats a whole ton but expects me to give him a bj whenever he demands it, completely ignoring the fact that he just went to the gym, AND gets mad if I suggest showering together first. And also, he eats his boogers (this one is irrelevant). But despite that, I don't want to break up. Like what is this.
Hygienic problems between my boyfriend and I?
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