My girlfriend is confusing me with her behavior on wanting to lose weight, help?

We've been dating for only a month and so we still are getting to know each other, we have a LDR but get to see each other weekly and talk on the phone or FaceTime constantly.

We both have anxiety and insecurities about ourselves, and have been slowly working on getting over them and have been trusting in one another and opening up about a lot. It's been a little rocky, but things seemed to go good. She told me she loves me, and that I am a great guy who is sweet, understands her, and she wants to be around me all the time I make her happy.
I feel the same way about her, many girls in my past just didn't accept me and judged me, she hasn't been like that.

However just recently she suddenly changed. She thinks she is fat, she is heavier than average but I do not think she is fat. I am thin, our bodies are opposite. I am really active and she cannot do everything I do, but I pace myself for her and never pressure her to do something she can't. She told me she hopes I do not expect her to lose weight, when in the past she told me she wants to lose weight to be healthy and because she wants to look good for me and go for long walks or bike rides with me because I love to do those.
I've told her multiple times she looks great, but if she wants to lose weight to be healthier or if it's holding her back from enjoying things that maybe she could think about some weight loss if it's what she wants to do. Personally, her weight is causing joint pain and back problems, so I feel it would be good for her health to lose a little, but I don't want her to think it's just to look thinner why I suggest that, she overthinks things sometimes. I am very thin so I understand why her getting teased about her weight has made her self conscious. She said she used to lose weight for people to accept her, but told me she wants to lose it early on in our relationship, I am confused and don't know how to handle this! ☹️
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My girlfriend is confusing me with her behavior on wanting to lose weight, help?
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