Kiss dilemma. What would you do if you really liked someone & you guys had been hanging out for about?

- a month & it was time to go for a kiss...& it was the right place & everything was perfect& then you lean in & they tell y they just threw up...what do you do?


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  • omg did that actually happen to you? If you guys were hanging out you would know if he really did throw up or not. I would assume he didn't like it like that

    • " he didn't like it like that--"

      you mean he would not have wanted to kiss me?

      i'm asking this question caudse I'm curious-

      it actually happened to me lol & he spun me around so quick I had no time to SAY was horrible- for me he did not seem to notice he was more concerned about the fact I was not kissing him back..i was too shocked lol I did not think I was go to have to deal with anything that...cause I KNEW lol

      I ws just wondering what would happen if I got a chance to TELL