Would you date a woman who has no job?

I'm in a dilemma because I met this guy about a year ago whom I really like. We have flirted and we have this strong attraction for eachother, we talk here and then and recently he started asking about what I do for a living... I avoided his question because I'm afraid he will turn me down since he already has a profession as a college teacher...

I'm still attending college, living with my parents and I have no job. I help my parents with their small business... but is not a permanent job from which I'm making a weekly paycheck. I really like this guy and I don't know what I should do?

Would this be a turn off? Should I tell him my current situation? 😳😕

Yes, it's a turn off.
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No, if he is interested, he'll understand your current situation.
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Would you date a woman who has no job?
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