Please help! Am I being catfished?

So I've kinda been on this site asking for g@g's advice because I'm in a situation and I don't know who to turn to. I can't really talk to my family about this.

So I met this girl like 3 weeks to a month ago, while I was playing a game (she sent me a friend request) and from the very beginning she seems interested in me. We've been talking on and off and I have her full name, her age (she's 4 years younger than me), and the city and Country she lives in. She's like 5 hours away from me. She didn't tell me what she does for a living when I asked and when I asked what she likes to do for fun, she said, anything that is fun. She wants me to call her/her call me. She seemed a little annoyed the other day when I wouldn't call her. I don't wanna give out my number to strangers I met online. She claims she has a home phone, getting a mic for gaming soon, but no computer or cell phone. So am I being catfished by her, or could she be poor or something? The other day I tried to smoothly to my best ability to ask for a picture of her, but she never sent me one.

I just wanna know your advice on what I should do, I generally trust people and who knows, she could be the one.
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Her English is not the greatest, but I don't know if that means anything or not.
Please help! Am I being catfished?
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