My life experience as an Indian guy?

Its good to have a girl who had always been with you and marry you. For those who never had a relationship , never even hugged a woman in their life go through a lot of stuff. They send their Bio Data with their Salary Package , personality , their living style (drinking , smoking , etc) and everything. Salary of Girl is never asked and is never a necessity. A guy has to have at least his own flat to live even though if he has his own home in his home town it doesn't qualify him for the girl. If you dont have your own car you need to buy it before you appear for selection procedure. at 25 years of age 55k month isn't enough. And asking a woman how much she earns is derogatory.

Its difficult to find someone who can love you for what you are. After being through a torture of Rejection I have stopped seeing different women in my society. This way is unjust , this is so insensitive. Indian way of Marriage is so bad. You are not making a love bond but dealing with assets , flaunting wealth. Sometimes ai think I should find a place where money has no more meaning than a necessity to live when it comes to chose a life partner.
My life experience as an Indian guy?
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