I'm pretty damn sure I've missed the boat on this one, guys?

Is it even POSSIBLE to find a PG-13 "romance" at my age?

I had really bad social anxiety growing up (not that it ever really went away, just that I'm better at identifying it and trying to trudge along in spite of it now), so my social and emotional growth was never really on par with other people my age. I'm finally starting to become, like, an actual person now though, and I've got real friends, and a decent enough job, and I'm almost done with my undergrad, etc., and I really feel ready now to try and figure out how to be in a romantic relationship and if that's something that I enjoy or that even works for me, but it sort of feels like I need some training wheels on this whole thing though.

I never really hung out with straight guys in middle school and high school, so I really don't even know what they're like outside of stereotypes and book characters, but even admitting that makes me feel hopeless. I mean, what kind of guy would actually be okay with some socially inept, inexperienced girl who definitely doesn't want to do anything because she's never even held a guy's hand before?

Am I doomed? Should I just give up and find a nice 2D boy from an otome to write self-insert fanfiction about? xD

I don't know... I just don't know.
I'm pretty damn sure I've missed the boat on this one, guys?
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