I lost a tooth and he doesn't know?

I lost my front lateral incisor, you can't really tell unless I laugh. But when I was a kid I fell face first and broke my tooth almost to the gum but the dentist was able to put a crown on it, he said that at some point the tooth may die. Well fast forward 22 years and it started bothering me, and I ignored it for months, but I finally went to the dentist and they said the tooth had died and was infected and need to be pulled.

so I had it pulled and I didn't even tell my ex who I'm friends with. I haven't seen him in 2 years and recently he's been wanting to see me. He still lives me and I also love him. I'm afraid to tell him because he may not accept me, and it will hurt because I'm already devastated and depressed because of it.
I lost a tooth and he doesn't know?
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