Am I anxious or is my partner a little untrustworthy?

We were just on a trip for two days at this resort. The first day was great, he gave me the ultimate affection and attention, did not take his eyes off of me. He even held me tight all night when we slept and didn't let me slip out once. BUT, the next day, his behaviors changed drastically. He was spacing out, being distant, less communicative, being on his phone more often than not and by leaving the hotel room unnoticed while I was getting ready, then leaving unnoticed again when we were having lunch at the resort. By being observant and analogical, the most obvious sign that stuck out to me was the connection between him and the check-out receptionist at the spa. After that was what really went down hill. I think what I am really asking from you guys is how to feel less insecure about this situation? How to let it go? I could be wrong about the desk receptionist as I don't want it to consume my life. So, how do I overcome feeling this way and the fact that he became distant afterwards?
Am I anxious or is my partner a little untrustworthy?
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