Dating a girl with mental illnesses?

Over past year I've become a really good friend with one girl from my school. I've always admired her, but never really thought she possibly could feel something more to me. At Saturday evening we were just hanging out at her place and we were listening to some our favourite songs.. and we kissed. But there's one thing about her. There's been a lot of things saying about her at our school. Her dad died when she was 9 and that really destroyed her family and after that and after she grew up, she never really get along with them anymore. I know that she's suffering from really serious depression, anxiety and from what I know, there could be a lot more stuff going on, altrough you'd never tell, because she's the most fun, witty and smiley person I know. I also know that she wanted to kill herself, which hurts me a lot and I'm not really sure if she's out of it. But despite all this she's so extremly intelligent and talented, her way of thinking is incredible, sometimes a little horryfing in a way how truthful her words are, but still wonderful. I beileve she could change the world just by thinking about it, she's just so different. But I don't know how to treat people with those disorders and I don't want to hurt her somehow. I don't really know what to do now. Do you have some experiences with this?
Dating a girl with mental illnesses?
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