How do you respond to something like that?

A buddy of mine just emailed me a link to a craigslist ad telling me I had to check it out then email him what I thought after reading it.

Here is the text of the ad:


any sane, attractive men willing to come in "unannounced"? - w4m (st charles)

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Date: 2008-xx-xx, 4:21PM CDT

At the moment, I'm thinking how sexy it could be to have a stranger (though sane, safe and physically attractive!) come to my house, walk quietly in the front door, enter my bedroom, and proceed to put their hands on my body.gently coaxing my body to respond, while desperately trying to avoid 'waking' me too soon.

.if only I could KNOW that I wouldn't be inviting some lunatic over. I would hate to have someone unbalanced know where I live, ya know?

Think anyone could talk me into this? Allay the fears enough for me to enjoy this? Just curious


To tell you the truth I really don't know how to respond with what I think about the ad. I don't even know where to start so I just emailed him back with "In the middle of something here, but I will check it out when I take a break."

I know what I think about it but putting it into words that would form a coherent sentence, that's another story.

So I pose the question to you, what are your thoughts after seeing this ad?

Let me clarify myself, so as to put your minds at ease,


It is just wrong on so many levels that I didn't know how to express that at first sight.


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  • Better off emailing a bunch of single friends and having them do it to you that way it's safer. In this day in age it's just too easy to be setting yourself up to be harmed. Not only that but what about the ick factor. What if this person comes over and is nastier than you could have ever though of. That would be bad. :(


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  • I wouldn't trust any ad I saw on craigslist. Most of the people who post there seem desperate for intimacy; it's even been linked to prostitution. If your friend is willing to answer that ad, he might as well go pick some girl up off the street--the same risks apply.

  • Normal attractive women don't have to resort to putting ads out like that. She could be a serial killer, or one of those crazy people trying to spread STDs to as many people as possible. Don't do it!

    • Oh, I wasn't even considering doing it! Actually, the thought never even entered my mind until you said something...

      Great! Thanx a lot, now I can't get that image out of my head...

      Just takin' the piss.

      But seriously, a buddy of mine emailed the ad to me out of disbelief not as some component to a twisted matchmaking service.

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  • This person who wrote the ad is almost asking for trouble. Ok, if it's a fantasy between a couple in a relationship, there are other ways of getting that thrill or fantasy taken care of that are a LOT safer then what this person is asking for.

    I'm not into this type of ad, so I probably wouldn't respond at all. If I were you, I wouldn't either. This has dangerous situation written all over it.

  • The women who post ads like that on craigslist are fat and ugly. Forget it.

  • Don't do it =\ just dont.

    delete it and forget about it

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