Should I text her and ask her out or wait after a (date)? What do I Do?

I have a few questions. I asked a girl if she wanted to get coffee with me. We went to a coffeeshop and just talked for 4 hours. It was amazing, there was never a lull in conversation, we talked about all kinds of stuff, and share quite a few interests. She spoke way more than me, like 3 hrs to 1, which i enjoyed. When we had to leave I fucked up cause I just let her walk to her car and didn't do anything. Anyways I texted her when I got home and asked her if she got home safe. I told her I had a great time talking to her and would l like to take her out to dinner this weekend or next. She has a family gathering this weekend but she said she could go next weekend and said she had a good time too and apologized for talking so much. This was on Thursday. It's now Monday and I have messaged her just once since. I don't want to mess this up because I know when I start talking to a girl i get carried away messaging them. So I have three questions: Should I try to make plans now or just wait until later in the week? Should I approach it bluntly such as "Can I take you out to dinner this weekend?" I'm pretty shy and not good at asking for dates so... bluntly. Also, should I text her casually or just to make plans since she doesn't initiate conversations over text anyways.
Should I text her and ask her out or wait after a (date)? What do I Do?
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