I can't seem of get into a relationship?

I'm in my mid 20s, going to school (finishing my degree), working part time in the morning (at a cafe in a business building), and going to the gym regularly.

Appearance wise, I'm 5'7", Asian, athletic but has some extra weight that I'm working on, neat and simple demeanour and dress.

I'm an extroverted introvert, I like being social but I'm also someone who values alone time/times spent for myself.
I don't know how many people go around giving honest comments/opinions of others these days (I don't want to put my friends/peers in a difficult position by asking them what is wrong with me), but some things I've heard about myself from others are:
1) first impression being cold/standoffish
2) unless I warm up to them, I seem disinterested and unapproachable
3) there is a big gap by the way my RBF (more like cold) and a smile

could it be my looks? the fact that I'm big?
I would think if I'm at least somewhat attractive, I would get approached at any of the 3 areas where I spend my times everyday but none.

1. school: I'm in and out of class and always on the run - everyone is busy. Plus my major doesn't have group projects and have large classes. Its literally go in, set up, take notes, pack up, and leave.
2. cafe job: its a busy kiosk inside an office building, more like a vending machine. I'm always on bar making drinks. but I would think if someone were to be interested, they would leave a note or start a conversation. but nothing has happened in the past year and half.
3. gym: I both strength train and do cardio. Its a relatively small space.

I can't seem of get into a relationship?
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