Why would a guy be persistent in taking me out?

Met a guy online, but I have been very short/non-responsive in replies because I have a lot going on with work, yet he will always text me paragraphs to the point it's a bit excessive for me. So I started to "ignore" him, I haven't met this guy in person yet, we matched about two weeks ago, and he has asked me out three times already, but every time he asks me, I either had plans or I'm just really busy with work.

I haven't spoken to him for a week, and he messages me saying "hope you are well... i would really love to take you out for lunch/dinner and that walk if your schedule allows it, I know you're busy, but I would love to take you out".

Why would he be persistent? I haven't done anything for him to be this "nice", in fact... I almost think I'm quite rude for not replying consistently and making bad effort compared to him. I wouldn't say I'm interested in him either, and tbh I am so busy with work because I run a business 7 days a week and sleep very little because I am working hard to lift it off the ground. He knows what I do, but I do feel bad to turn him down again...

What should I do? Why is he being this persistent?
Why would a guy be persistent in taking me out?
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