What am I doing wrong?

Ok here's the deal I tried talking to some girls I met in person and knew on my Instagram and Facebook and I tried to start conversations with them (there's was like 8 girls I messaged) like 3 or 4 responded, I tried to talk about a TV show that had a lot of hype at the time to try and start a chat and I get this one girl said "her boyfriend watches it and I said that it was an amazing show and maybe she should watch it and she said is this all you gotta say before I block you? and for the others I get no responses, they said yes or no they watched or I finished talking to the girl and we never talk again I need some help can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong or is there anyway to start a good conversation with a girl? I'm not gonna lie I suck at this clearly it's why I'm back on this site again for advice cause friends and family ain't giving me no advice
What am I doing wrong?
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