Had sex on the second date. What should I do now?

So I met this guy from school about 2 weeks ago and he asked me out a week after. We text each other every day, and we went on the first date last week- kind of like friends hanging out. Last night, we went on this second date, and it was extremely romantic and nicely planned. We then kissed and soon got hot and heavy. I couldn't resist and asked him to go back to my place... and you know the rest.

He was very sweet to me during and after sex, but I can't help but feel very uncomfortable since then. This is my first time hooking up so early with someone I just met (I usually wait for 2-3 months), and I feel like he will probably perceive me as an easy person.

He seems to be in love and crazy about me (He has already planned future dates and wouldn't stop texting me), but I am not really that crazy about him. What should I do now at this point? I wanted to take it slow, but now I feel like the sex has kinda ruined everything.
Had sex on the second date. What should I do now?
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