Getting the kiss?

I am friends with this girl and she and I are both leaving for a long vacation and probably won't see each other till school starts back around. She is probably coming to my house in the next couple days and I was wondering how can I get a kiss or anything before I go. Like something that would make it easier because I really like this girl a lot and am gonna miss her. Also if she bring her friends how can I tell her I like her? How can I separate her from her friends?


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  • I think its best you do this WITHOUT her friends being around so make sure you tell her beforehand. And yeah if you guys have been friends and she trusts you then I guess just lean in for a peck! NOT a french kiss. Its too far at this stage.

    So yeah good luck!

    Dont be nervous just tell her you need to talk to her ALONE and just express how you feel. If she likes it then lean in and kiss :D

    Do this BEFORE she comes over with her friends. Believe me, girls friends can really distract you from doing the 'kiss' hahaha

  • well just kiss her... and if her friends are there ask her for help with drinks or tell her you want 2 show her something, or pick her up a little going away present and give it 2 her and private.. then tell her how you feel or give her a hug and kiss her.


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