How can a woman comit suicide?

I was on training for 3 months in a company where we met.
She was a sex addict before meeting me , she was involved with all types of men younger, older, middle aged and had sex with all of them,
i also felt she had bipolar disorder and obsessive thoughts about sex, my friends told me about her past so i was just stringing her along because i knew she liked me and i would never make such a woman my girlfriend or wife, i dint want to have sex with her because i feared catching any sex disease from her. Her self-esteem was also very low.
She used to have orgasms in office just by looking at me. (she used to open her mouth and used to freeze for 5-10 seconds while looking at me so i knew she is having orgasms looking at me)
She told all of her friends and sisters about me and maybe even planned a future with me.
Obviously i never dated her infact i started dating another girl, she found out and went on a sex rampage to get over me or something, she used to come to offices with bruises and love marks all over her body.
Even then , she used to look at me as if she can't get over me.
Now, i heard from a friend that she has comitted suicide and hung herself because she was in severe depression.
I am feeling guilty about all of this, I just played with her and told her i like her because I felt such women who have tons of partners are actually fun to play with and they have no emotions at all.
She was good looking and all but i just didn't want a woman who was a village bicycle that everyone rode on.
Was I at fault?

Yes , you are at fault. You have no right to play with someone's emotions.
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No, its not your fault. She was f*cked up.
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How can a woman comit suicide?
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