so me and this guy are in an open-relationship and were allowed to talk to to her people and sleep with them if we want.
but I get really jealous when he talks to girls and he does to when i talk to some guys.
he says jealousy is normally and having emotions is fine.
he doesn't want to be in a committed relationship right now because he's 23 and just wants to be able to get his dick wet whenever he wants.
I've told him I am willing to wait for him until he is ready.
I love him with all my heart but it doesn't feel the same way back.
he says actions speak louder then words.
is there any way i can prove to him that I want to be with just him. I've even tried telling him the I don't care if he goes and ducks other girls because he's coming home to me at the end of the night but he says that he doesn't wanna hurt me that way.
is there any way i could possibly push to make this a official relationship.
both our families think we are in a committed relationship so how can I make that the truth.
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