Do you flirt with taken people?

If someone who already has an SO but still tries to flirt with me, it would be 100% the biggest turn off. And if I had my eyes on somebody but then later found out that they're already in a relationship, i'd automatically stop having interests for the person.

I just don't get it how could some people still have interest on their "target" after finding out that him/her is already in a relationship. I mean... flirting with someone who's taken is just lowlife and pathetic.

Once my uncle went to a wedding with his three year old son ( and he was still married with a ring on his finger) but some women just kept on flirting with him because he's a good looking dude and they also thought that he's hot because he's a "baby daddy"... sluts.

So tell me, do you usually get turned off by someone who's already taken? Or do you just keep on having interest in them?
Do you flirt with taken people?
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