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Why is she behaving like this?

Alright, so I had this friend with benefits that I really liked. We were very "relationship-y", is something she would say. A little about her, she's 10 years older than I am and has 2 kids. We go to the same gym together.

Two weeks ago, things were going down hill. Last week she decided to call it off because we got too attached, went a little too fast, and she even said she had to work on herself. She said she needed space.

Right after she said that I went no contact.

She is always contacting me. The other day she texted me saying "Guess you were only in it for one thing. Lol. Catch you on the flip side ;)"

I responded "what we had was genuine. You said you wanted space and I'm respecting that."

The following day, she tried to talk to me but I was in a bit of a rush because I told her "I am going out with a friend tonight"(When I said this, she looked very sad). Then comes the following morning after that, she sends me a text saying "are you coming to the gym?" I did respond because we usually do the same class together. She tried to call me and she was asking me "why are you being a douche bag? I tried to talk to you last night but you stormed out so quickly" Anyways, I told her I would see her at the gym and ended the call there.
Then she continued to text me saying, "you're being an ass. I'm trying to talk to you like a regular person"

When I saw her at the gym, she was ignoring me. As I was leaving, she comes over to me and smacks my leg and calls me a loser. I didn't react.

I KNOW SHE DOESN'T USE SNAPCHAT. Sunday, I have posted multiple stories on snapchat and she is ALWAYS the first to see it within minutes! I even did this last weekend when I was up at a cottage. She was the first to see it within MINUTES!

Please tell me what's going on in her head! I am curious to know!
Why is she behaving like this?
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