Why is everyone intimidated?

I feel like some people are scared of me. Not like I dress scary or do my make up scary, just my "aura" or my "vibe." My best friend always tells me that if she didn't know me, she'd think I thought I'm to cool, and hot for everybody else. Maybe that is my vibe, so is there anyway I can change it? Everyone I know has reached out to me, never ever have I asked to be friends, or to hang out with any one in my life. They ask me. Anyways, I know a lot of boys are intimidated, it's either because they think I'm really hot and are scared to approach me, or because I seem like a bitch. SO, uhh, help, please? I promise you, I'm not a bitch.


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  • Start talking to people you don't know. Ask them to hang out. Make some plans and invite them along. If you are confident, but quiet people will think you are stuck up. If you initiate conversation they may be less likely to judge you. I have had the same problem in the past. being good.looking also makes it a little more difficult because it also makes people more intimidated by you.


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  • When you catch somenoe staring at you, smile at them. Or say hi.

    When you are with friends, laugh alot, smile alot. People around you will see that and think you are approachable.

    Try to be the one to approach ppl.

    It works :)