Is this stuff I read online true or not?

OK so I've been reading some relationship / dating advice thingy online... and I've picked up some stuff about them that actually make sense to me. but I asked 2 girl-friends about this, and they both said it was complete bullsh*t.. so now I'm confused. so guys, what od you think? fact or fiction?

1) No more Mr Nice guy.

2) its not advisable to venture into the 'friends only' zone. (reason being girls won't really want to get attached to their good friend for fear of wrecking the friendship if things don't work out?)

3) girls would be more attracted to guys whom they may not get.

4) humor, self confidence and personal authority are very important.

5) have the attitude that 'yes I really want you, but I don't NEED you in my life I'm willing to move on anytime'.

6) be her friend, but maintain some level of romantic interest at all times.

mm yeah. any other stuff that's true and will help in relationships? anything that works, just bomb them here :) thanks guys.


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  • Well of course your friends said that was all bs, they're chicks, don't take their advice they will tell you what they want their dream guy to be like in la la land. In fact they will tell you who they want and then they will actually get with someone who is complete opposite of what they said. Example "I want a nice guy like you," and then they get with a jerk.

    Don't be nice to the point of where your needy or a push over.

    Don't try and date friends, it won't work, and don't become friends with a chick and try and get out of the friend zone once again it won't work.

    Yes women want the guy they can't have that's why when you get a girlfriend a whole lot of chicks will flirt with you.

    Have confidence in yourself, who cares what others think, and don't be afraid to make fun of your self.

    If you want a girlfriend then don't become friends with the girl before simple as that, only have a romantic interest in her and not a friendship. If you act like a friend, then guess what she will see you as a friend.

    • Why won't the friends approach work? that something I still don't get the rationale of.

    • The friends approach will not work because, once you meet a new chick you have a very small window of opportunity to go from friend to potential bf. The more you act like a friend to her, as in talking to her online or texting random sh*t to her, the more she will see you as a friend, because that's what friends do. If you like her ask her on a date just the two of you no one else, and flirt, don't act weird and get a kiss at the end of the night. Then ask her on a second date.

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  • well just be yourself around her, and I don't think that no more mr. nice guy is good. my boyfriend asked if he should be more aggressive towards girls and I gave him a straight no. and well number 5. well you shouldn't give that attitude because she might really really like you then because you gave that attitude she gets upset and moves on as well. and when you actually need her, she's gone... but my advice is. if you like her go for it, I hate when I know that dudes like me but don't have the courage to tell me. it's so frustrating

    • Yeah but if he tells you and ur not interested in him.. it'll be super awkward / cold treatment. way to spoil your chances.

  • for me, all these points make NO sense at all !...

  • Just to say, I'm on my phone, therefore I rather not type much XD so, other than 4 &6 ,to me, it's all BS. First off, if your gonna be a jerk to me, I'm probably not gonna want to talk to you again, unless you apologize. 2. I understand that to an extent. But I MUCH rather date a guy who I'm friends with, therefor the relationship never goes dull. We

    can still joke around, etc. But my

    guy friends are the type that would get over a breakup, and not worry about it, &stay friends. 3... I mean, ish, but... For me, I rathe understand you a little bit.(: 5.that's a cocky guy. I f****** HATE IT when guys are cocky, and show it >_>

    so, there's my

    .. Input, if you will xD I don't really have any relationship things that are true/false, etc.

    Hope I helped a little.(: haha

    • Hmmm... sounds good haha.

      i think you gotta be nice after all :/

      but ur not supposed to do everything she asks of you right? some times you gotta do what you wanna do, as a guy :/ right right? like do what's best?... haa..

    • No, not every single thing. Lol. What your comfy with, etc.. Lol

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  • 1. Some girls want Mr. Danger, others want Mr. Nice, and a few want Mr. Mean. But I personally think Mr. Nice usually ends up finding the best match up in the long run.

    2 & 6. Set a precedent early on that it's a guy-girl thing, probably with a little light flirting, but don't be afraid to be friends, too. It's not that girls don't want to be friends with the guy they want, it's just important that they know what you're about.

    3. Respect yourself, and realize that you don't know a girl very well and might find out she's a lot different than you thought at first. That means you will be someone the girl might not get, but for my two cents, don't play hard to get intentionally. Girls like to do enough of that for the both of you ;)

    4. Yes, but you don't need to be James Bond - just respect yourself.

    5. It says you're under 18... It's very very unlikely that the girls you date will form into really solid relationships - neither of you know what you want in life yet! So... you actually DON'T need one singular girl right now.

    I'll add one more: Focus less on strategy and more on self-improvement. If you take up hobbies, learn guitar or salsa dancing for example, maybe play sports or work out, and do well in school, then it will help you a lot more than having the right pick up line.

    • A pick up line isn't what I'm looking for.. most of them don't work anyway. yeah I think you're right.

      and I'm already doing those self improvement thingys. I'm learning guitar and dance, play abit of basketball, gym quite a bit and am in one of the top junior colleges in my country :)

      im more worried about the attitude part. don't wanna fail again ._.