Should I as her to go out/hang out?

OK, so I've been talking to this girl for almost a week, and I really like her. I've liked her for month actually, but only started to talk to her really recently on Facebook. I don't know if I should ask her to hang out or not, cause I'm not sure if she likes me. Although she did start a lot of the conversations so I'm thinking she's interested in one way or another? So should I ask her to hang out? I don't want to loose my chance, by taking to long or being to quick. What should I do?

i liked her for months I meant*


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  • You can NEVER go wrong with this line: "Wanna grab lunch sometime?" Lunch is a great place for a first hangout cause it's easy to be funny in public and you can have a good conversation. She also won't think you're trying to get in her pants by grabbing a casual lunch. Good luck bro.


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  • yeahh ask her out, from what you're saying she seems pretty interested, and she's probably just waiting for you to ask. Good Luck! =]

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    • Thanks, I really hope so haha

    • Haha yeahh just be confident. I hope it works out [=

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