She seemed like she wanted me to kiss her, but rejected me when I went for it?

Tonight me and my kinda-non-official girl friend were watching a movie at my friend's house. We were cuddling, and she was really acting like she wanted me to kiss her. She would put her lips right up next to mine, tilt her head slightly, but then when I went forward to go for it, she pulled back? There was one other guy in the room, but he was watching the movie intently from the other end of the room.


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  • It seems like one of these possibilities I can think of:

    She is shy, that's for definate, either of you and the situation because she might possibly have feelings for you or because your friend was present in the same room, even though he was intently watching a movie.

    Another possibility is that she could be unsure of her feelings. She may have wanted to kiss you but might have thought it didn't or wouldn't feel right at the time.

  • maybe it would have been her first kiss and she got nervous...


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