Is a guy ready to choose if a girl asks?or he will just forget her?

I asked him to finally decide -if he wants me strong enough or if he doesn't need me!I told that if I understand that he doesn't need me,he won't have any more chances because I am not ready to love so strongly somebody who doesn't love me the same way...and I will get over him.

The problem is that when we are alone-there is a lot of attraction between us,tension,we love to talk and he is very sweet and it seems that we have a chance to be together.

But when there is exactly one of his friends (my ex a year ago who still is dangerously nice to me),this guy still is nice with me but I don't see any sign from him that he really would be ready to overcome all these obstacles to be with me...

In this way it goes for quite long time that's why I gave him time and asked to decide...


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  • Guys don't work with ultimatums. Only time will tell.. and time you say you can't afford.

    If a guy is unsure about you then it is better to cut him off and move on. If you have been togeather ┬┤for sometime now and he haven't been able to settle then idont advise waiting longer. If he doesn't reply to your ultimatum or give a mellow unsure answer then move on. As for the other guy ... you shouldnt be a field of experiment... tred carefully.

    best of luck


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  • You don't ask HIM to decide. YOU decide what's best for YOU. Why is he making the decisions based on what's good for YOU? I'm sure there's a lot of attraction but that is not what makes a great relationship. Do you go out? Have fun? Can you talk to him? Does he confide in you? Does he make you laugh? Is he always nice to you? Does he make you feel special? You need to do what's best for you ~ then DO IT. Hugz